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Successful Stories

I was sick and tired of so called trainers giving me one shoe fits all or my way is the only way approach to my fitness journey. I didn’t want a trainer to pet me in the back, count my reps for an hour, talk to other people during our session and not pay attention to my form. I also don’t like the army sergeant type of trainers who yell at your face all the time. (more…)

Abbie Taylor

Dize and Luis made what felt impossible very simple and doable for me. They didn’t tell me I had to go to gym or to eat a certain way. Matter of fact, they didn’t TELL me to do anything. They asked me questions about my lifestyle, my habits, my goals. Then we explored what actions were realistically possible for me to follow and created a program for me. (more…)

Barış Aksoy

Dize is a transformer. I am from Poland and when I came to Miami I was completely lonely. Away from my family and what I was used to, I felt sad pretty much every day. A friend of mine (Thank you Gerald!) referred Dize to me as a life coach. I was very skeptical about having a coach but I was intrigued when Dize took our first couple sessions to simply create awareness about my life, my body and my mindset. (more…)


My name is Caroline Vickers. I am fortunate to call Dize my coach for the last 2 years. I was looking for a trainer only to find a coach who changed my life completely. I had 35% body fat, quit my job as a nurse because I was too depressed and I didn’t want anything to do in life. During our consultation, I was expecting Dize to tell me what to do, what not to eat, you know, the usual stuff you hear from personal trainers. But she is different. (more…)

Caroline Vickers

My name is Donna & I have been blessed to know Luis Buron for the last 4+ years.

Our paths crossed at a time when my lifestyle choices were messing with my physical & mental health. I started to have headaches & soon realized that my blood pressure was really high. I am a nurse & with a good hard look at my situation I knew what I had to do. Luis listened to my thoughts & concerns & created a plan that ultimately helped me get to the healthiest I have ever been. (more…)


Trying to fight against social exclusion in a country like Turkey and being in big city chaos everyday is exhausting.. You can easily lose yourself, your needs and certainly your health too..We get stuck with meetings,office works,traffic, pollution,crowd and no time to relax or be active. At the end of the day all tasks are done well, but what about You !? (more…)

Ercan Tutal

Dize is amazing, a true professional athlete with a warm, positive energy.  In 4 months of training 3 sessions per week with her I transformed from 18% body fat down to 13% and lost 7 lbs. of weight overall.  Her training sessions were unique each time keeping things not only interesting but fun learning new tips\tricks.   (more…)

Dieter Gleason

My fitness journey used to consist of getting excited about making a change then falling off the train and losing my motivation couple weeks later. I am a graphic designer for a boat company who spends a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, so when I became more aware of the health consequences of my daily habits, I was fortunate to meet Dize in Miami. I started my new fitness journey with her as my coach and everything has changed since then! (more…)

Ignazio Barese
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