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The InBody is the most advanced body composition analyzer on the market and is trusted by leading hospitals, universities, and professional sports teams because of its precision.
Simply stand on the device for 15 seconds and see your Percent Body Fat, Basal Metabolic Rate, Segmental Lean Analysis, Body Composition History, and more on a full page results sheet print. The in body is face, accurate, and non-invasive.

The 8-Point Tactile Electrode System with Thumb Electrodes allow measurements to start at a fixed point, loading to increased accuracy and reproducibility of your results.

Using multiple frequencies allows the InBody to accurately measure your intracellular water and extracellular water.

The InBody uses patented Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency-Bioelectric Impedance Analysis to measure your body in five cylinders the trunk and four limbs.

Using only 100% impedance, your results are accurate, personalized, and reflect your unique body composition.

When you measure your weight, what are you actually seeing? Weight alone is a poor indicator of health because it does not distinguish fat from muscle The InBody divides weight into water, muscle, and fat.

Measuring your Percent Body Fat allows you to better gauge your health, allowing you to achieve your goals and bring that percentage down.

How much muscle do you have in your arms? Your legs? With the InBody Test, discover how many pounds of lean mass you have distributed in each portion of your body. See which exercises bring out the best results.

Knowing how much fat and muscle you have is only the beginning. With your baseline set, taking the InBody Test continuously allows you to monitor and track the changes in your body.

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