Change Your Life

If your goal is to:

Look hot in that new bikini, cute dress and most importantly naked!

Lose fat and be more active

Improve your overall physical, mental and emotional health

Achieve a specific fitness goal

Be fit enough to keep up with your kids and pets

Challenge yourself

Improve your posture

Get ready for a special occasion

Improve yourself as an athlete

Become more stronger, functional & flexible,


We provide our personal training services only in facilities located in Wynwood and South Beach areas. If you have an access to a condo/home gym in Miami and prefer to train there, give us a call to learn about which areas we cater to.

Feel free to read the FAQs listed below. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for give us a call! All our clients get a complimentary InBody body composition analysis and lifestyle consultation session with their training packages.

We listen, understand your goals and write a personal program by combining what you want and what you need. Our goal is not to make you need us forever, instead, we aim to teach you the purpose behind every movement and the program so that you can continue to improve yourself with or without us in the future. Almost all the clients we’ve trained so far continue to practice their fitness and nutrition habits  long after they achieved their initial goals with us. We provide a lifestyle journey not a one-time sprint experience.

We are certified in:

  • National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) Personal Training Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • NASM Weight Loss Specialist
  • NASM Performance Exercise Specialist
  • Kettlebell Level 1&2
  • Resistance Training Specialist
  • Exos Performance Specialist
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Weight Loss Master Coach
  • Motivational Coach
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Vipr
  • Triggerpoint
  • Progressive Body Weight Training
  • Human Movement Associate
  • First Aid, CPR/AED certification

It depends on your health and fitness goals. In general, we suggest that you commit to a minimum of 3 days a week to see results. If you are working out just once or twice a week and that is your only means of challenging yourself physically, each time will feel like you are starting over. Your body adapts to specific demands, so it is important to be consistent and challenge yourself physically and mentally each session.

You can’t spot reduce! Targeted fat loss, also known as “spot reduction,” is a popular idea partly because it appeals to our intuition. After all, it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that the fat you burn while exercising comes from the area around the muscles you are using. Yet, there has been several studies that prove spot reduction to be a myth. This myth is mostly powered by magazines and infomercials selling ridiculous ab gadgets.

Excess fat doesn’t typically occur in isolation. If you’ve got it there, chances are you’ve got it everywhere. During workout sessions, our muscles fuel up with carbs, proteins, and triglycerides (fat)—and these sources can come from anywhere in the body, not just the “problem” area. Bottom line: If you’re hoping for chiseled arms, curls alone won’t get you there. Ultimately, fat loss comes down not to targeted exercises, but to overall strength training, cardio and a balanced diet. If you need help with gaining healthier nutrition habits, click here to sign up for our 12-month nutrition & lifestyle coaching program.

If your idea of a solid workout is sweating it out on the elliptical for an hour each time—and nothing else—you’re definitely plateauing, and not challenging yourself. While cardiovascular training is great for building strong hearts and lungs, it doesn’t provide the stimulus your body needs to build bigger, stronger muscles and bones. If you want to get stronger and lose fat, turn to weight lifting, strength training, and proper nutrition.

Weight training will enable you to  build up a larger degree of lean muscle mass, which then basically serves as your calorie burning powerhouse in the body. High intensity interval training is a proven way to blast fat and build muscle and strength faster than traditional steady-state cardio.

Studies have demonstrated that after a weight training workout, the metabolism can be boosted for up to 36 hours post-workout, meaning rather than burning say 60 calories an hour while sitting and watching TV, you’re burning 70.

While you may think, ‘Big deal – 10 extra calories’, when you multiply this by 36 hours, you can see what a huge difference that makes in your daily calorie expenditure over that day and a half.

While it’s great to be burning more calories for 36 hours after the workout, that’s not going to help you two weeks from now unless you are consistent with your workout program, therefore consistency is the key.

You will feel your results before you can see them. You will feel stronger, have a better sleeping pattern, and have higher energy levels in two to three weeks. The change in your body composition can take a little longer, and how soon you can achieve your goals depends on how consistent you are with your training program and how well you adhere to your balanced nutrition habits.

We get this question from many female clients who would like to get “toned” without looking manly. The short answer is no, which is probably the opposite of the answer men would like to hear.

Hypertrophy, which is increase in muscle mass, depends mainly on three factors: genetics, gender and training intensity. Genetics is mostly manifested as the number of muscle fibers you are born with and which type of muscle fiber you have more; people with predominantly fast-twitch fibers acquire larger muscles more easily than people with predominantly slow-twitch fibers.

Gender makes a difference, because males have greater amounts of testosterone and other sex hormones that influence protein metabolism than females, which helps them acquire larger muscles. Thus, if you are a female, you will not get “manly-bulky” look by lifting weights. Females naturally experience less muscle hypertrophy than males do.

Training intensity is the only factor you can control when it comes to hypertrophy.

Your journey is about YOU. Strive to be the best you can be with the body you are given instead of trying to look like X, Y, Z. We are here to empower you to achieve the best version of yourself, which is unique like everyone else. Your fitness goals should focus on how you compare to your former self—not anyone else. That being said, visualizing how YOU would like improve your body, health and strength is a great help during your fitness journey. Learn to also celebrate non-scale victories such as fitting in your favorite jeans, feeling stronger and having more energy in your life.



Single Personal Training Session

If you travel a lot and can not make a weekly commitment to specific days to train with us, the single session is for you.
This session expires after a year if not used.


12 Personal Training Sessions - 3/week for the committed athlete

This package is for the committed!
Save $15/session by choosing this option.
The package requires you to train 3 days/week. Unused sessions expire after a month from the purchase date. Consistency will get you results!


Traveler's Pack of 12 Personal Training Sessions

If you travel a lot and can not make a commitment to train specific days every week, this option is for you. You can use your sessions anytime within a year (the sessions expire a year from the purchase date)


16 Personal Training Sessions - 4 days/week for the Transformer

Save $25/session!
If you think that it is finally time to make that transformation that you’ve been putting off for months and years, the option is for you. This package requires you train 4 days/week and if you don’t use your sessions, they will expire a month from the purchase date. More motivation for you to stick to your training program! 🙂

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