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Power of Habits

Great things are a product of small steps coming together. Each of those steps are important in your fitness journey.

If you made a decision to lose fat, get fit and live a healthier lifestyle, going to a gym and trying to eat right will be huge chunks to consistently execute. If you however, tackle every aspect of that goal, habit by habit, you will eventually reach your big goal.My personal fitness journey has gone through its biggest transformation so far because:I started with the right amount of physical activity that I could handle based of my lifestyle conditions, stress levels, and my commitment to consistency. Not by saying I am gonna workout till I throw up every session every day.

If that means doing 10 push-ups every day and nothing else for a month for you, BUT doing those push ups no matter what EVERY single day, you will then build the habits necessary to progress forward. Compared to getting super excited, over training for a week, setting unrealistic goals, action plans and giving up a week later.I focused on whether I had the right eating habits; focusing on how I was eating my food before what I was eating. Once I had the right attitude towards eating right (eating slowly, eating to fuel myself not feel my belly full all the time etc.) then I focused on whether or not I was having nutrition deficiencies, meaning if I was making the right choices to cover my macros. I focused on choosing whole foods over processed foods, instead of diving straight into “I should only eat this, I have to meal prep, my nutrition has to be perfect” approach. If you overwhelm yourself with all the “should”s all at once, it is likely that you will throw the towel. It is too much. One step at a time.

I make sure to train at a facility where I feel connected to my purpose, I felt motivated by the people around me, and inspired by the athletes who are constantly pushing themselves to be better. That facility is currently Legacy Fit. The music, the atmosphere, the people…it just really works for me. So make it easier for yourself by choosing a facility where you feel happy. You will be spending a lot of time in there, so if you are not going to your gym as if that’s gonna be the happiest hour of your day, you might want to check if you really vibe with your surroundings.

I think this is the most important piece: your social support system. I am very fortunate to be able to train with my love, and the fact that we are both coaches makes it very easy to lead a life full of healthy progressive habits. We are there to challenge each other and grow together. Ask yourself; are your friends, family and life partner supporting your cause? Are you surrounding yourself with the right people who will elevate you? Not bullies, not naysayers, but a real support system. If not, remember; sometimes when you start to grow and evolve in life, you might have to walk away from people who don’t serve energy positively anymore. Protect your purpose, dream and heart!

I believe in you!

Dize Kandu

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