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Abbie Taylor

I was sick and tired of so called trainers giving me one shoe fits all or my way is the only way approach to my fitness journey. I didn’t want a trainer to pet me in the back, count my reps for an hour, talk to other people during our session and not pay attention to my form. I also don’t like the army sergeant type of trainers who yell at your face all the time.

During our first consultation, I was far from friendly. I thought my experience with Dize would be the same story repeating itself. Boy was I wrong! This woman is incredible. I am blunt as it gets. She is the real deal. One time I came to the gym for our session and my mind was in million different places. It was a very tough point in my life and the last thing I wanted to do was work out. Without me saying anything, she sat me down and said that if my mind wasn’t there my body wouldn’t follow. She listened and gave me new perspectives I couldn’t see before for an hour. She didn’t even charge me for that session. That’s the kind of a coach she is. She CARES. Meet her and you’ll see. -Abbie Taylor

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