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My name is Donna & I have been blessed to know Luis Buron for the last 4+ years.

Our paths crossed at a time when my lifestyle choices were messing with my physical & mental health. I started to have headaches & soon realized that my blood pressure was really high. I am a nurse & with a good hard look at my situation I knew what I had to do. Luis listened to my thoughts & concerns & created a plan that ultimately helped me get to the healthiest I have ever been.

Those are 2 of Luis’s greatest strengths- he listens & he truly cares. With his knowledge, guidance & never ending support I have been able to not only drop 30lbs & 13% body fat. He also helped me to step WAY outside my comfort zone & compete in 2 fitness competitions. He helped me cultivate a positive WHY NOT? attitude to many more of life’s challenges.

Luis’ knowledge & expertise, dedication & support, sense of humor & constant drive to learn more for both his clients & himself are huge parts of the reasons that I have seen such positive results. They are also the reasons I am still training with him. He has been able to adapt & adjust my training to different stages of my physical life & the challenges I want to conquer. Whether it’s fitness competition, obstacle course races, mobility improvement or nutritional changes, Luis is there every step of the way. For this I am very blessed & recommend him to anyone I speak to who has challenges they want to overcome. He will help you get life changing & lifelong results!!

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