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Ercan Tutal

Trying to fight against social exclusion in a country like Turkey and being in big city chaos everyday is exhausting.. You can easily lose yourself, your needs and certainly your health too..We get stuck with meetings,office works,traffic, pollution,crowd and no time to relax or be active. At the end of the day all tasks are done well, but what about You !?

My 2016 commitment started in Miami with the guidance and coaching of Dize & Luis..I am 1.78m and 10 months ago I was 89 kg .!!! Since being coached by them, I am back again in my true self..I have the control and matter what happens in my work and social life…before changing the world we should change ourselves..!

I did that …thanks to Dize & I am 74 kg and I have my own workout channel on youtube, I have followers and just like Dize & Luis, I can LEAD others too…Because they didn’t just trained me, they coached me to have better habits that I can practice for the rest of my life. confidance and new body strength I am more productive ..more powerful..more useful for the social change journey to a better world

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